After-sales service

According to the below list,If you can’t deal the question,please:
1. Turn off the machine.
2. Pull the plug of water pump
3. CALL service number.:0576-86312805



Possible cause(s)

Corrective Action

Pump can not start

Too low voltage supply:

A.Power failure

B.The cable size small

C.The cable too long

A.Adjust voltage to rated request

B.Changed cable size

C.Reduce cable length

Single or three phase motor:

A.Plug not good touch

B.Fuse broken

C.Cable no locked

D.Cable lack phase

A.Repair plug or change it

B.Change the fuse

C.Check and fix plug 

D.Repair or change cable

Cable down voltage so big:

A.Cable too long

B.Cable size so small

A.Cut the excess cable

B.Change big size of cable

Broken Capacitor

Change same model capacitor or sent it to repair shop

Shaft and bearing be locked

Change bearing or send it to repair shop

Locked Impeller

Use tool spin shaft or unload and clear away rubbish

Stator winding destroyed

Change winding coil or send it to repair shop

Motor work, no water out

Backward Rotating

exchange two-phase touch position (three-phase motor)

No enough water on pump

Pouring water into pump again

Impeller seriously broken

Change impeller or send it to repair shop

Water lever low than bottom

Let pump bottom into water 

Suction pipe air leaking

Check sealing of suction pipe

Water lever low than limited suction of pump

Change position of pump or use suitable pump

Water freeze in the pipeline or pump inner

Waiting ice melt

 Low press

Wrong Model

Change model

Inlet pipe too long or so many corner

Use suitable size, cut down  inlet pipe

Filter or inlet of pump be blocked

Clear pipe/bottom/ inner of pump.

Low voltage or long cable

Check power voltage or change size of cable


Pump no locked in bottom bracket

Lock bolt of the bottom

Impurities in inner of pump or pipeline

Clear impurities

The bracket no locked

Change bracket

Motor interrupted work or Stator winding burn up

overload operation of motor too much

Outlet install valve to reduce flow

Impeller locked or overload operation

Rate flow to work and clear rubbish

Earth wire fault or cable broken or pump is struck by lightning

Check reason or change winding coil

Water leaking of bracket

Impurities wear mechanical seal

Replace mechanical seal or clear impurities